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Smiletec is a company that is primarily involved in providing orthodontic treatment via clear aligners (which is known as invisible or transparent orthodontics) as well as additional services within the same field.

What are the

invisible orthodontics provided by Smiletec?

It is a modern method of orthodontic treatment that uses 3D digital techniques to make a set of transparent gutters (clear aligners), which are unique for each patient. The teeth are precisely moved to get proper alignment and occlusion.

the advantages

of the Smiletec's clear aligners



Easy to place and remove



Knowing What to Expect

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Can all cases be treated by Clear aligners?

In fact, many types of orthodontic problems can be treated by clear aligners, but not all. Your doctor (orthodontist) will decide if your case is eligible for clear aligners. The treatment plan should be discussed with your doctor.

How to clean your Smiletec's clear aligner?

Clean aligners with liquid soap and cool water using a toothbrush.

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