Patient Guide

What are the

invisible orthodontics provided by Smiletec

It is a modern method of orthodontic treatment that uses 3D digital techniques to make a set of transparent gutters (clear aligners), which are unique for each patient. The teeth are precisely moved to get proper alignment and occlusion.

The advantages of

the Smiletec's clear aligners


Smile Tec’s clear aligners are clear and virtually invisible, so people won’t notice them. Compared to the metal braces, they cause unattractive appearance and can get food caught in them. With Smile Tec’s clear aligners, patients feel free to smile and avoid having a mouth full of metal.


Patients keep brushing and flossing their teeth with no difficulties. Therefore, caries and gingivitis rarely occur.

Easy to place and remove

Patients take their aligners out to eat and drink, then brush their teeth before putting them back in.


Patients keep eating all their favorite food with no restrictions

Comfort & Safety

Smile Tec’s Aligners are removeable, smooth and comfortable to wear. This in contrast to metal braces which include sharp edges that could cause cuts in the mouth, demineralization and decaying teeth.

Doesn’t affect pronunciation

compared to other orthodontic devices.


Patients experience fewer visits to the doctor and avoid the hassle of brackets and wires breaking. Patients can change several aligners before the next visit to the doctor. Furthermore, clinic visit time is shorter.

Very suitable

for those who do not want the traditional Orthodontics (metals, wires, etc).

Knowing What to Expect

Treatment plan is fully computerized. Expected end result can be seen before starting treatment, so patients know exactly what to expect and how long they will need before they begin wearing the clear aligners. Metal braces can be a trial-and-error situation that gives no clear idea of what is to come.
Instructions for the

Smiletec's clear aligners

  • Place the aligner in your mouth slowly and apply balanced pressure while fitting it on your teeth (preferably place the aligner on the front teeth first and then the posterior ones).
  • The aligner must be placed all the time, day and night, and is allowed to be removed only when eating or drinking (excluding water).
  • Remove the aligner slowly using both index fingers and thumbs so as not to cause any damage or break the aligner.
  • Remove the aligners to eat or drink. Brush and floss after every meal to prevent food and drinks from getting trapped under the aligner.
  • It is necessary to keep the teeth and the aligner clean.
  • In the case of any fracture or damage to the aligner, contact your doctor immediately.
  • It is possible to feel some pressure or pain on the teeth when using the aligner for the first time, this feel will disappear after a short period.

Can all cases be treated by Clear aligners?

In fact, many types of orthodontic problems can be treated by clear aligners, but not all. Your doctor (orthodontist) will decide if your case is eligible for clear aligners. The treatment plan should be discussed with your doctor.

How to clean your Smiletec's clear aligner?

Clean aligners with liquid soap and cool water using a toothbrush.

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